Portugal in New York, 2016: A commitment to science and knowledge towards future transatlantic cooperation

Celebrating the Day of Portugal 2016 in the Institute of International Education, NY, together with 225 years of Portuguese consular presence in New York

A brief introduction by Manuel Heitor, Minister for Science, Technology and Higher Education, Portugal

New York, June 10th, 2016
The celebration of the 2016 Day of Portugal in New York is aimed to open a new debate about multilateral cooperation in complex systems engineering and science towards an integrative approach to space, climate change and energy, earth and ocean science in the Atlantic, together with emerging methods of data science. The ultimate goal is to help building the future through an effective commitment to science and knowledge.

Our commitment is to foster networks of opportunity to help future generations to build a better future.

We are entering critical times that require the creation of conditions able to strengthen knowledge-based international cooperation. Lessons learned over the last decades with international partnerships in science, technology and higher education, including those established over the last decade between Portuguese and US universities, among many other intergovernmental scientific ventures, have clearly shown us that the future can only be built with more knowledge, more culture and more exchange of ideas among people.

A new paradigm of structured international research relationships is emerging as shaped by a new era of government and industry intervention in association with knowledge. Cross-disciplinary new frontier research should be the result of ambitious initiatives yet to be developed or stimulated from the huge potential of intergovernmental research laboratories and joint ventures. It is under this context that this debate is focused on the potential installation of an Azores International Research Center, under two main priorities: i) new data collection for innovative research; and ii) synergies Sea/Space towards new knowledge production and diffusion.

Our ambition is driven by an increased perception of the growing perceived evidence of the potential benefits resulting from the human, social and economic appropriation of the results and methods of science by society. We aim to stimulating the necessary knowledge-driven conditions for Portugal to evolve and better use its strategic Atlantic positioning in international cooperation. By promoting new knowledge about climate change and related secondary issues in the Atlantic, we are fostering conditions to promote Portugal, Europe, the United States and the world with more science, more knowledge and more scientific culture.

The sustainable future of our societies requires more knowledge and more scientific culture, ensuring access to science and education as an inalienable right of all. More science and the systematic democratization of access to knowledge means more equal opportunities, more social mobility and a new stimulus for entrepreneurial activities in Portugal, in Europe and the United States.

Portugal in New York in June 2016 is aimed to build the future, by celebrating the memory of all those that have contributed to foster Portugal-US relationships over the last 225 years of Portuguese consular presence in New York.